Nikon Z9 Development Announced

This would be great news for Nikon mirrorless lovers. Nikon has recently announced the development of their first flagship mirrorless camera, Nikon Z9 which comes with the Z-mount. According to their press release, it will be released in 2021. And they highlight that there will be a significant leap in technology and performance. Further, they advertise that Nikon Z9 will deliver the best performance for both stills and videos.

Nikon Z9
The appearance of the camera may differ from the photo shown above

Nikon has included the above image in their press release which might be of Z9, but they say it may differ.

Even though Nikon is in the mirrorless market for a while, there was no flagship device to compete with top players in the game, especially Sony flagship devices. So this is a much-anticipated camera by Nikon mirrorless lovers.

According to Nikon, the Z9 will come with a newly developed FX-format stacked CMOS sensor and a new image processor, which they haven’t revealed yet. And it will support 8K video.

Where is Z8?

The interesting fact is the development of Z9 is announced while there is no Z8 in the market. Is Nikon omitting the Z8 or will they bring the Z8 silently? I guess no one knows, we’ll just wait and watch.


To be frank, the Z-mount is still growing just like all other mirrorless mounts. Nikon has some Z lenses for Z-mount but not much from branded third parties. Especially, Sigma and Tamron still have not delivered a single lens for Nikon mirrorless. But Sigma has confirmed the possibility of manufacturing lenses for Nikon mirrorless.

But there is nothing to worry much since the Nikon Mount Adapter FTZ provides the access to almost all the F-mount lenses.

Anyway, hope Nikon will bring a good competition to the mirrorless game.

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